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HSE orders 'rapid review' as CervicalCheck results not issued to 800 women

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

THE HSE HAS ordered a “rapid review” after 800 women did not receive their CervicalCheck smear test results because of an IT glitch.  HSE CEO, Paul Reid, said this evening that “in response to information emerging over recent days, I have decided to commission an immediate rapid review of this incident.”

The HSE earlier apologised and said it is responding to issues with its screening service. 

Health Minister Simon Harris said today that it has contacted a “small number” of these 800 women affected. 

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The HSE has made contact with the women to give them their results directly. 

The issue occurred at Quest Diagnostics Chantilly facility in Virginia, USA which currently performs HPV testing for the CervicalCheck service. 

In a statement earlier today, the HSE said that, in addition to the 800 affected women, it is “also aware of a very small number of people affected outside of this recheck group and are following up on those cases as part of our response.”

The women whose repeated questions helped reveal an IT glitch that caused significant delays to women receiving smear test results today earlier criticised the lack of clarity and communication from CervicalCheck, the HSE and the Department of Health. 

Reid has said the review “will examine in detail how the communication process for providing results to women was planned and managed. I want this work to commence quickly and be completed in a timely manner, led by a chairperson external to the HSE.”

“While this review is ongoing, we will continue to update the women involved as planned, and to work with Quest Diagnostics to get to the bottom of what has happened, what needs to be done to resolve these problems.”

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