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Cancer Screening


Cancer Screening

The issues with mandatory disclosure around the BreastCheck and other screening programmes have led to a number of high profile cases being heard in the last year.


Access to and notification of change to our health records should be an inalienable human right. Mandatory open disclosure would mean that if there is a gap or mistake in a patient’s medical care by either a public or private medical entity, the patient must be informed of the error.

The quality and longevity of Irish lives have been affected by a lack of mandatory open disclosure as evidenced by the myriad of recent medical negligence cases taken against the state and private companies. While the government has taken the first steps towards enshrining this right in law it has not yet been implemented. As patients we should be entitled access to all our medical records on demand. A lack of mandatory disclosure causes unnecessary harm to Irish lives.


Medical Negligence cases are often a topic of conversation in Ireland. A case is built on the strength of expert reports and testimony. The ancillary costs are driven up by lack of access to salient medical records and details. This further underlines the need for mandatory disclosure and the need for patients to have live access to their own updated medical records.

At Peter McDonnell & Associates we know from experience that the single greatest cause of worry for clients is the issue of legal fees and costs.  People worry that before a case commences or at the end of their case, they will be presented with a large legal bill that will be impossible to pay.

If you have any questions about the funding of a legal action please contact our office by phone on 01 6879690 or 0860317755 or by email at


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