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Ex-soldier settles case over health problems allegedly linked to drug

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

A former soldier has settled his damages action against the State over health problems allegedly suffered as a result of being prescribed the anti-malaria drug Lariam.

Patrick Fedigan (51) brought proceedings over the alleged effects of taking the drug while he served with the Defence Forces during UN peacekeeping deployments to Africa between 2001 and 2009. The claims were denied.

Mr Fedigan's legal team told Mr Justice Bernard Barton on Tuesday that following out of court talks between the parties, the action had been resolved.

Counsel said the case could be struck out. No further details of the settlement, understood to be confidential, were given. The State had denied negligence or liability for any injuries suffered by the plaintiff.

The defendants had also argued Mr Fedigan was out of time to bring his case. Mr Justice Barton welcomed the settlement. The action is one of several similar cases brought against the State by members of the Defence Forces who claim they suffered various illnesses as a result of being prescribed Lariam.

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